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Pocket Guide UK Birds of Prey

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Pocket Guide UK Birds of Prey is an ideal quick reference guide to help identify the Birds of Prey you might see on your trips out.Containing records listed by the BOU for the Birds of Prey that have been sighted around the UK, the guide is ideal for ramblers, walkers or just to help with your childrens questions on a day out in the car to help identify Birds of Prey when sighted.
• A few of the birds listed from the BOU are extremely rare visitors and these are mentioned for completeness only as they are referenced from historical records of sightings in the UK and you would not normally be expected to see these.
Main View
• List around 90 pages on information on Birds of Prey found across the United Kingdom• Categorise birds by Family, Genus etc• Includes thumbnail images along with English and Binomial names
Entry Details
• Detail page for every entry with useful information such- nb. Characteristics, common names, alternative names, binomial names etc• Full colour photo for each bird• Select photo to use pinch to zoom
• Find birds by text searching or filtering.- nb. Wildcards are supported such as "white%hills"- nb. Your custom notes can also be searched• Picture gallery view- nb. Select image to view detail page
Comprehensive Content
• Specialised Glossary• Useful Website and other References View
Custom Features
• Easily bookmark search results or individual entries to the bookmark view• Add your own Custom Notes to ANY entry with the handy edit feature
Social Networking
• Post notes to your wall or feeds using the share feature in Android
Other useful utilities are included to help when you are out in the field such as
• Flashlight• Compass• A Range and Height Finder.• Moon phases for the next 70 days.- nb. Northern Hemisphere only.• Sunrise/Sunset, Moon Rise/Set and Twilight Start/Set.- nb. set your location on the map and GMT offset as required.
Installing the data
• CHECK DATABASE function to install or update data as necessary.
Contacting Us
We are happy to consider including new features in future releases.
Please contact us to discuss the app, ask support questions or make suggestions for improvements using any of the following.
• Website• Webpage Contact Us Support Form• In App Contact Us Support Email• Support Email Address• Support and News forums for each app
Contact details
• This App requires an internet connection for some features• All images are saved to the sdcard for reuse as required by associated license agreement where stated, where no license is stated image reuse is not permitted please contact the developers to discuss.• Please contact us directly with any support questions or issues.• Please let us know if we have made any errors or missed any UK Birds of Prey so we can update them in later versions.• Please note that birds of prey and nests are protected and should always be treated with respect. Care should be taken not to disturb these birds or damage their habitat or environment.• Please note this guide does not cover non-native imported species that are bred for captivity.